Friday, February 20, 2009

after this 2 weeks

vla, queen, okta

Since I do duty in my new job, I haven't enough time to write anything here, except in my day off like this. Ouccch I didn't tell you yet what I do in the last 2 weeks till next month. Well, I got a job from hagai as a wardrobe assistant in a movie making to fill my jobless time. I'll tell you what kind of movie it is, later. For now, I only post it for you. Here are some pictures we've taken in our break time.


-wardrobe team-
hagai, me, poeti (she's our chief)

both are the only teens in our location. they always cheer up all crew

day off

me & kade, in takor

Aaaaaaaa I always excited to meet my friends in day off like this.
Oah I wish everyday is my day off. Hihihihihi.

Today I went to campus at 2pm then met kade at takor as you can see in photo above.

Then, I met up with my friends at Barcode at night.
One of my friend, Intan, is in Jakarta since yesterday till next 2 weeks.
We haven't met for 3 months.
I miss you so muchioooo Intanioo.

Oh we have to meet again before you leave Jakarta again my deary.
Yes, SOON.

reva, me, mayang, midia, intan, azis in barcode


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it's my 1st GOSH HOSH

Fuuuh, I finally home. But I'm so tired to drop anything here. It's better for me to go to bed. Nite everyone! Have a good sleep.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

another lovely time we had

Yesterday I played around with Reva, just spent our quality time in saturday evening. Then we stranded in the edge, the cozy place with a great service. This place is consisted of indoor and outdoor area at Kemang Icon rooftop



We sat at outdoor area, oh we really felt in love with the atmosphere there. And it's view from our seats

We came, we sat, we ordered, we talked, and we catched up

It's Reva

It's me

And it's us

Then we leaved at 7pm, planned to continue with dinner at de La Rossa. But unfortunately, there's a wedding anniversary celebration there, so we canceled our plan and dinner at Cipinang instead, hahahahahahaha

Saturday, February 7, 2009

when i just woke up in this rainy morning

I think it's rain that is making me feel lazy in this saturday morning. All I want to do is just stay at bed, eat a lot and drink cups of hot milk. Hmmm I bet you do what I want to do.

But then I wonder, have we ever thought how a homeless must have to face the world in a rainy day like this? They still have to struggle to survive without a shelter, whether the weather is being hot or cold. While here we can dilly-dally over, eat, drink, even online.

It's a real thing, and I realized how blessed I really am.
Not all of people are so lucky like me, like you,
like us.

I have nothing more to say except THANK YOU GOD.

Have a great saturday everyone!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

say hello to another family

Today was another my 'nyampah day' with reva and my besties. For fun, we decided ourselves to visit Taman Safari eventhough the weather wasn't good. When we arrived there, the sky in Cisarua was so dark and the mist was so BOLD. And I suddenly remembered to one of movie I've ever watched with reva almost 4 months ago, the MIST. This movie is based on Stephen King's book, about a small town that covered by a bold mist, and there's a killer monster inside the mist. If you ever watched this movie, sure you can imagine how spooky it is. I don't know whether this movie has successfully infecting my brain or I just had an over paranoid syndrome?

But, maturnuhun gustiallah it's not going along way. I mean the mist in Cisarua (not paranoid syndrome), slowly but sure it replaced by sunshine. :D Then we're continuing our playing time. We're going around from one stall to another stall, watching a show we've already watched when we were in school, taking picture with animals. Oh yes we did what people do at zoo.

And Reva was so scared when we were in kandang macan, singa and harimau. Hahahahahahaha.

As always, I had so much FUN! Deadly fun! Till I couldn't stop laughing all the day, and I'm tired of it. Dammit! I'm happy for sure.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

homey domey lovely

Semalem tidur gue ENAAAAAAAAAAAAK bgt! Nyenyak luar biasa. Dan pas bangun tidur, udah ada REVA DI DEPAN PINTU. Aaaaaaaaaa MATURNUHUN GUSTIALLAH, it's a perfect way to start my day! Walaupun hari ini ga kemana2 tp seneng banget aja rasanya, lalalalalalalalalalala. Sampe malem jg bener2 FULL DI RUMAH, ga keluar sama sekali, males bgt mau ngapa2in. Seharian cm tidur2an, makan makananrumah, cemil cemilanrumah, ceritaaaaaaa (I always love this part everytime beside him), sm ngerjain revisi skripsi reva buat maju sidang insyallah bulan depan. Doakan semoga cepet dapet tanggal yaa :D :D :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tidur Sekarang Dong Ah Nda

Sekitar 2 jam lalu saya dapet sms, dan saya oh sungguh TERKEJUT-KEJUT! Iya saya tau besok akan dijemput pagi-pagi tp sungguh ga nyangka kalo pagi2 itu maksutnya JAM SETENGAH ENAM????? Bayangkan sodara2! Saya yang biasanya baru tidur setelah matahari terbit, harus berangkat ba'da subuh! Ternyata oh ternyata kerjaan yg baru dimulai tanggal 9 Februari besok banyak sekali PRAnya. My oh my!

Mudah2an besok saya bisa 'hidup' deh ya, doakan ya doakan. Tp smp skrg mata ini masih seger banget, baru mulai seger lebih tepatnya. Dan katanya besok kemungkinan besar akan smp malem, padahal besok saya jg mau kencan. *keluh*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nurul Ananda Raharyanti, S.Sos

my beloved mom in the left and my beloved partner in the right

Yesterday was my GRADUATION DAY. I wore my academic gown and kebaya inside. It's pretty HOT and almost killing me.

During the ceremony, Intan & Azis called me, they couldn't come to my grad day because they're still in Brisbane. In that phone call they asked me about how was graduation ceremony going (they think the ceremony was done), and one another question, only ONE: "Are you already like an albino, nda?" Eventhough I don't know what did they really mean, but thanks for you both, hihihihihi.

Anyway, one day before, my besties told me that they incapable to come for attending my grad ceremony, because of this and because of that. But after ceremony, they were suddenly COME. Waaaaaaaaaaa whatta lovely surprise!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

And thanks for both of my partners in crime for all crimes and deviances in criminology we've done in these wonderful 3,5 years we had. No more kejapol, no more kejasus, no more kenar, no more kenak, no more, no more, no more!!!!!!!!

From now on, I officially to add a title after my name :))