Sunday, August 30, 2009

sunday then monday. oh geez!

Had a late dinner at Pastis with lovelies made my Sunday brighter :)

Pardon me for my tired and pale face, mates. I just landed on Jakarta's ground last nite, after had 5 days working slash holiday trip. Tiring and fun at the same time actually, but I really need a break. Both because I should have an extra day off to collect pieces body of mine and the fact that I'm too lazy to face how bites the Monday morning is. OH GEEZ!

Monday, August 17, 2009

INDEPENDENCE from office thingy in INDEPENDENCE day :)

Long weekend doesn't mean I had a long day off. But however I love my weekendl :)

I got a date with office thingy on Saturday, doing an outdoor spread photoshoots which pretty much tiring and successfully making my body bumped into pieces. Got home at 11pm, just say hello to bed then fell asleep. And on the next day, I woke up when Reva and Nadia suddenly knocking my door at 10am then pulling me to go with them. So I spent my whole Sunday with his family, going everywhere and eating everything, laughing, and it all couldn't stop. Hihihihihi it's lovely as always :)

And todaaaaay, is Indonesia's independence day, so we got a more day off. Me only spent it with my beloved one. Watching, eating, talking, laughing. Love Love Love Love. Love it. I couldn't ask for more :))

Monday, August 10, 2009

last day ROCKIN' in a LAND

MEW's performance
was so GREAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT! They totally got TWO THUMBS UP from us! :D

us means
azis, me, reva, thayya, wisya, intan

thayya, partner bolos kejapol (political crime) :p

neng vina clanir, and friends

high school mates. andre, anin, ajeng, otrie, me, intan

PS: my weekend was simply AMAZING! Thanks God :))

Saturday, August 8, 2009

catch you!

Spent another nite at the Apartment with my absurd babies

intan, tiara, midia, mayang, me

Midia, the one who always avoid camera as long as she can.

But look! We finally got her!


stranded in a land called javarockinLAND

Just got home from Javarockinland with office mates and Reva

But I came at 10 pm. So I only could watch



vertical horizon

too tired to describe, ciao!