Sunday, September 27, 2009


Oh my oh my, my Lebaran Holiday was AMAZING, I'm wishing yours as amazing as mine :) Though I always hate everytime end of holiday comes, like this. Knowing a plenty of duties still await is SUCKS, right? Wishing I could get weeks of holiday more, but however WISH IS JUST A WISH. All I can do is just admit that holiday is OVER.

Lets kick bed off, fall asleep, then face the beauty of Jakarta's Jam on Monday Morning. Nite!

ps: thanks to my amazing holiday maker. love you :)

So This Is What I Called SAT-UR=DAY

I have no words to dropped by. Let pictures speak more instead :)

Meet up with the girls at Marche

Karaoke-ing at Inul Vista Mahakam

Then cheers with the beers at Elbow Room

ended with chilling at Amor

It really is a tired yet EXTREMELY FUN nite. I'd better grab my pillow fast!

Ciao mates!

Friday, September 25, 2009

without any plans

In a sudden went to Bandung after dawn on Thursday
Had early drinks at Cloud 9

went back to Jakarta before dawn on Friday

then had a lunch with office mates on Friday noon

Thursday, September 24, 2009

another scratch!

Finally got home after had another Bandung trip in a day with Reva's family which pretty much tiring-slash-full of laugh-slash-full of jam-slash-overloaded tummy. Just too tired to post anything more. Think that I'd better to grab a pillow now, since I'll go back there in the next 6 hours. OH DANG!


it's nadia (reva's youngest sist)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

today's horoscope


You may be looking at a new job, promotion, or transfer to a better office. Your ideas are powerful right now, and you need to take command, take a leadership role, get things moving. Don't be afraid to take a risk on a good idea that needs an advocate.

Call me LAME! But I always feel that each day facebook's daily horoscope is always accurate. Including for this one. Yaaaa at last for me. Just try it, folks!

Lebaran with Friends

Celebrating Amel's birthday on 2nd day of Lebaran at Pastis

Thank you birthday Lady! :)

Wawawiiiiiiiiwa, wea!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Syawal is COMING!

Today is AIDIL FITRI, or called Lebaran. This is the most awaited and celebrated day in Indonesia, because office and school give a long holiday to all their members. Like me, myself got days off till 27th of September, huahauhauahuahua, it such a blessing :D

I love SILATURAHMI tradition, kind of visited and visiting our families, but somewhat I hate basa-basi-lebaran. Peeps often keep asking some questions that we can't answer yet by this time. Just like "mana calonnya? ko ga dateng?" helloooo, he also has family to spend his 1st day of lebaran with, deeeh. Or even worse "nanda kapan dong nikahnya?" maaaaaaaaakk, I'm still very young, still being a fresh graduate who just stand on my feet in my very first path of career. Aku masih pengen nabung, bude. Hahahahahaha well enough with my complains, mates. It's LEBARAN, so I need my tolerance more than ever :p

From now on, with Lebaran spirit, lets purified our heart from all mistakes we've done to each others. May God bless us and accept our good deeds during Ramadhan. HAPPY EID ALL!

Bedjowarsitos Family

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scratching Before I Sleep

GEEZ! My internet connection apparently testing my tolerance. I've been trying to sign in to blogspot like one hour or two, but only 5 minutes ago i successfully sign in here. However, here I'm, doing my scratching. Oh mates, pardon me for opening this post with a complain.

I realized that I rarely keep updating my blog nowadays. How far the distance between my work and home always makes me spent my early morning and my late nite on streets. Just so you know, my office is at Kebayoran Lama, and I live in Cipinang, while Jakarta's traffic is soooooooo KEJAM. Jam is everywhere. It makes my bones bumped into pieces everytime I got home on weekdays. Then it brings my weekends be my dillydally and play time, as always.

Maaaaaatess, actually I really had bunches of stories to share, but this fragile bones doesn't allow me to do that. I'll share to you later when I have an extra time.

Toodles! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

sahur on the road with office mates

Cruising Jakarta's nite with charity spirits :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Strong earthquake strikes Jakarta

We were doing photoshoots on the 3rd floor our office at 3pm when suddenly earthquakes shook off the building for few minutes.

According to the news that I've got from some of my friends' twitter posts, the earthquake of magnitude is 7,3 Richter Scale and centered at Tasikmalaya. Then the tsunami warning was issued by the government, so many friends RETWEETing about this thing from metrotvnews' twitter. But later on it was canceled by the government themselves. Otherway, they urged to be aware of possible appendix of earthquakes and urged us doing a preventive act. And as I know, at 3.30pm the employees on Sudirman street was sent home, but not for us who works at Kebayoran Lama 236. After the earthquakes stopped, we back to our each cubicle and continue finishing the duties. Deadline awaits, mates.

Deep condolence for the people who's being victim and for the people in pain. May God always guides us, AMEEN.