Wednesday, October 21, 2009

orange in the dark

I just finished read a novel named Orange Girl. A novel about a long letter from a father who died 11 years ago to Georg, his son who live now (for a complete book review, you can click here). A sweet yet touchy indeed. And my favorite line which succeed made me took sometime for contemplating was

Life is a fairytale. Imagine that you were on the threshold of this fairytale, sometime billions of years ago when everything was created. And you were able to choose whether you wanted to be born to a life on this planet at some point. You wouldn't know when you were going to be born, nor how long you'd living for, but any event it wouldn't be more than a few years. The rules is, if you choose to come into the world at some point, you'd also have to leave it again one day and go away from everything. Or would you have refused to join the game because you didn't like the rules?

in short,

What would you have chosen if you'd had the chance? Would you have elected to live a short span on the earth only to be wrenched away from it all, never ever to return? Or would you said no, thank you?
If you choose to live, you also choose to die

You only have two choices. Those are the rules.

I've sent you this question like Dad asked to Georg. What would you choose? Live with all those consequences, or just stay in somewhere-out-there without ever living your life? Which one? Let me know :)

p.s: Thank you Baziska for borrowing me this! :D

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

FAREWELL. eh, NO! it's only another SEE YOU! :)

me, Ghea, Dinda

actually, it really is our see-you-greetings-celebration to all ppl in Kebayoran Lama 236. When we were working in there, Ghea was a Graphic Designer, Dinda was a Feature Writer, and I, I was a Fa.................... Ah mates, it's not the right time to tell you further. Just wish us luck for our next duties! :)

well, here I posted some pictures from our see-you-greetings-celebration days ago :)
left: my dillydally partner at work, karina & winny. right: penghuni lantai 3, me, arief, demia

and as I said before,
See you Kebayoran Lama 236!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This is the Day :)

photographed by Dewata Priyo

Took these photos days ago when me and Priyo (in house photographer slash my good friend at work slash head of were doing photoshoot as my last duty. And TODAY WAS MY VERY LAST TIME working in Kebayoran Lama 236. I don't know whether it is good or bad, but I just feel so excited for this :D

I got bunches of new goodfriends and GREAT experiences at the same time. Sure, I'm gonna miss you all, also gonna miss both my work and the duty itself. But I decided to be a risk taker to chase my higher dream. And in the next few days, I'll start my new job in one of media broadcasting. Actually it's one of some stories that I wanna share to you like I wrote in my previous post. Wish me luck! :)

*farewell will be held tomorrow, I'll post about it later :)