Sunday, July 26, 2009

LOVE my weekend :)

And it closed by dinner at MU cafe on Sunday night with him

*deadline's driving me NUTS

Sunday, July 12, 2009

recharging myself with these lovely fuel :)

Whooaaaaa, I finally updated my blog! It's been like forever since my last time posted something here. I really had an unbreathable month lately. My duty at work was successfully stole my life. Ooh pardon me for being such exaggerated here. Let's forget about office thingy, it's WEEKEND folks! :D How was your weekend anyway? Mine was SUPERB. :))

Yesterday Reva and I spent our evening for grabbing some pastas as our "evening meal", we ordered a large size. It's quite enough for warming up our tummy. Then at night we went to a cozy and lovely place, named Kampus.

It is located at 35th floor Menara Imperium where is Pure located before, yes Kampus was a new look from Pure. They still offer a resto with Jakarta's night view from the top, like Cilantro does (at 46th floor BNI 46 tower). And the floor moves spinning 360 degrees every 2 hours, literally. But don't worry, it revolves very slowly, we won't realize that the floor was moving. You guys really must try! :))

it's Kampus

Seems look a like, right?

and it's our fuel :p

And today is my day, with Reva and my lovely silly family around. They succeed recharging my mood, makes me ready to face a bloody Monday morning. Well, happy end of weekend folks! Ciao!