Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Tuesday anyway

Had a meeting on evening till nite succeed driving us caught in HUNGER, and as it ended, my boss taking us to Ah Mei for grabbing our late dinner. I ordered a huge meal that in no culture of the world would be described as light, and so did others. See our happy faces after meals entered our tummies :D

We sat on table number 11. Cc: Revaldy

Anyway, I'm writing and posting it in a flash, without sobriety, since I can barely open my eyes. Belly full drives me sleepy. Yes, I'm a SLEEPYHEAD.

At last, thank you Mr BOSS

Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup Fever


I'm not really into football or soccer actually. When I was a little, I loved to play and watched the game, World Cup, Euro or even Champion, but it's not lasting as I grown up. While R, since I don't know exactly when, his heart has stolen by MU (as his favorite club) and England, so I think it's not a sin if I do love what he loves. Besides, I wouldn't watching the match if R didn't ask me to do so, hehehehe.

Looking back to the day before, when R, I and friends were watching the match between The Three Lions England and Der Panzer Germany in 365 bar.

No silence from the very first of the match. The half people in the room began shouting out everytime the players assault rival's defense, and the first round ended by 2-1 for Germany. R (and I) sitting back in the chair, he exhaled down to the last molecule of oxygen in his lungs and prayed that the Three Lions hadn’t made a terrible error in the next round of the game.

The match continued after 15 minutes break, and the temperature didn't return to normal, sustaining its keen tension for the rest of the match. Nothing much was I could hear except the shouting here and there (and I did the same thing anyway). Long story short, the game finally ended by 4-1 for Germany. And the Three Lions must head for home.

And here's our cranky and tired face wrapped in a FAKE smile after the game

It's a superb match anyway.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

scratching in d middle of meeting

I'm in one of office's meeting room, still waiting for others to get back after break Maghrib then continuing our meeting. It actually has been started from noon and probably still continued till the next hours. In this entire meeting, I've been sitting in d middle of two outstanding Creatives, and both are superb! And the one has just become our newly Chief Creative ;)

And at this moment, as we're waiting others, the aroma of bunches of martabak and batagor enticed us to eat lustily anyway. So I consumed tons of calories including untold grams of fat, in less than five minutes. My belly full, so I relax.

I'm wanting one thing and one thing only (okay, two things, counting a steady flow of hot chocolate to keep me sane, and) to lock myself in my room and lay myself on bed.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Indonesian volunteers had been killed by Israel in their ships while trying to send aid and medicines to Palestinians (Israel's enemy). Based on reported by Antara, the ships were attacked in international waters or about 65 kilometers from the Gaza coast. Gaza`s Al-Aqsa television showed footage of Israeli commandos descending from helicopters and clashing with activists, as well as several wounded people lying on the deck of the ship. And by now, Indonesian government is urging the UN to fulfill its obligations according to the UN Charter by investigating the Israeli attack to ensure Israel will be responsible for it.

In this entire day, timeline on my Twitter was fullfilled by cursing over Israel's act. Why did they kill aid volunteers and civilians in International waters? Is killing really needed? NO and NEVER!

Slightly out from the topic, a friend of mine told me that killing is actually human's nature, human is just another animal. Still, we have animal side in ourselves, therefore it's our nature to kill each other. I AGREE with his words, but here I just wanna add some points about IT. God created human with both brain and heart. HUMANITY is ours, not for animal. So don't we as human are the one with highest level on earth who have to drive the animal instinct itself into ZERO with our best capability? If the answers is YES, yet why WAR or even MASSACRE on earth is still exist? Don't we have to make a peace? The animal instinct ain't matter any longer if we could control it. And inhumanity cases in Mid-East will never happens.

Still the same closing for the same case, just like I ever wrote over a year ago. We can do nothing for this, but pray. Let’s we all PRAY for the people in pain and for a peace on earth