Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stop Munching, Let's Drinking

Happy Birthday My Bestbitch, Nia, the lady in red!
Good food, great drinks, best friends, FABULOUS NITE!
I really HEART my girls
the silly birthday lady with security

Monday, February 7, 2011

just like Bloc Party said : Weekend In The City

Glaaaaaaadd to finally meet you, Cindy!

and, I'm gonna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DITCHYYYYY the lady in red!
We're wishing you a FABULOUS GEORGEUS WONDERFUL years ahead :)

Let's enjoy this dillydally time in the end of Sunday! Since tomorrow morning we've to back to work, from Monday to Friday, or even more. Anyway, is there any company that giving their employee THREE days off in a week? If yes, please lemme know. Pretty please. :D

At last, now I'm heading to sleepland with Marc Collin & Oliver Libaux (read : Nouvelle Vague).
Gudnite, ppl! :)