Sunday, March 27, 2011

Relax a Bit

I-REALLY-SORRY for neglecting YOU(s) along the month. I worked more than 14 hours everyday nowadays -- even on the day of my birthday :'( -- preparing a new program that airing on early May. Gonna write about this further, you know, next time ;) From January actually we’ve been starting the pre-production, the auditions, content for each episodes, till finally we've got contestants and starting shooting by next week. Hope it’ll running smoothly. I really am crossing my fingers for it. Amen.

It’s gonna be my last day off before entering ‘kitchen’ slash 'gallery' till the next 4 months anyway, where weekend gonna become an another endless workday, Friday is not the end of workweek, Saturday and Sunday might as well be like Monday. Well, it’s one from tons of risk working on TV’s production department. I’m not moaning. I just write what I'm doing. :)

Anyway, last nite R & I found another new place, an italian resto named APERITIVO, a very nice place with good food and great service. Yet since it’s new (they've just open about one week), so from 8 to 12pm on Saturday their costumers only R & I, we feel like sitting in our own living room. *grin*