Sunday, May 29, 2011

Final Round Champion League 2011

Our happy faces before the game, optimist United will win the match.Yet the result doesn't tell so, Barca leads 2 scores just like on Champion League final 2009. TWICE we meet in final round, and they won both. It really breaks our hearts :( However, two teams played their best tonite, but the best team wins, and Barca deserves it. Just like Sir Alex said after match "in my time as a manager, yes I'd say it's the best team we've faced". Anyway now I have a cranky, pale and no spirit fiance. Cheer up, sweetheart! Let's we just wait to the next season, we'll see United gets the trophy back!

For VDS, you gave your best on your last match, and that was SUPERB. Now enjoy your retirement time, Meneer! :))

And still, no matter WIN or LOSE, United always wins our hearts. GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Very First Episode On Your TV

Art is immeasurable, and so does with TV and its programs. We, as TV workers, always try to deliver a program for the audiences with our best ability though some ppl keep critizing and complaining. But it’s okay. For us, knowing ppl pay attention to our program, whether with good or bad reactions, makes us proud. Because it means ppl attracted to watch, then them watching, impressed, then posting their comments on twitter or another social media.

If I heard or read critics about TV - especially the programs where I involved in - and its content, I just remember that part of being a pro is throwing ideas into the pot and not feeling bad when someone knocks them down. So it doesn’t matter. As well, we realized that we couldn’t satisfying ALL audiences at the same time.

And anyway, the very first episode of our new program was airing. Hope you all enjoyed and will enjoy the program till the end of season. We’re still waiting for your comments anyway. Feel free to leave your messages here.

Thank you and havva wonderful day, everyone! :)