Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GBK, September 6th

Watched Indonesia vs Bahrain in Asian pre-qualifying group match for 2014 FIFA World Cup in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium last nite.

Long story short, Bahrain scored 2 points over Indonesia, then the one that claim theirselves as supporters did unwisely act as their emotional statements. They were seen setting off fireworks, throwing empty bottles to Bahrain's players, and another STUPID ACT. So the match turning into CHAOS, and was stopped in the middle of second half time. Bahrain went back to locker room, leaving Indonesia's player sitting on the green grass.
And after 15 minutes break, the game continued. And at the end, the result was, we bowed to Bahrain 2-0. SAD. But still, whatever did happen we always here to support and pray for you, Garuda.

Wake up! WAKE UP, GARUDA! Don't you sleep too long.
We have to get glory over Qatar on October 11th.

And for you stupid moron that claim yourself as supporter, I'm telling you, ACT WISELY next time!

* writing this post is not easy, I've to hold this ache. Seeing two Garuda's loses in a row surely leaves suture, you know.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

1 Syawal 1432 H

Following the decree from minister of religion, my family celebrating Aidil Fitri on August 31st.

Taqabalallahu Minna Waminkum

Minal Aidil Walfaidzin

Eid Mubarak, ppl! :)