Saturday, October 22, 2011


What R and I always do every weekend is preparing our upcoming wedding, and spending some time for family and friends in the middle of time. We're going to married about 3 weeks away from now, at the date of our 5th year anniversary, Insya Allah. I'm too bloody excited to prepare wedding and marriage stuffs. But while preparing this by ourselves, we've to deal with office thingy as well. And right this moment, I'm writing this post in a hotel around Borobudur temple, Magelang, Central of Java. Yes, I'm WORKING here, from a pair of days ago till next Monday. Leaving R and all preparation wedding in Jakarta :( but I can try to squeeze that in afterward :)

I've to finish my work anyway, so I can sleep early (??????), since we've to up and get ready by this very morning.